Towards Social Implementation

Toward social deployment

By carrying out basic and applied research, development will be performed of KANSEI information visualization technology, KANSEI information real-time sensing technology, and technology for creating user models of KANSEI information. On the basis of the above, a technology (BEI technology) for devices and application software will be established whereby via KANSEI information, inter-human connection is established and human beings are connected to nonhuman objects. Furthermore, sights are set on achieving the following in various fields such as clothing, food, housing, movable objects, education, and medical care: commercialization of articles such as products utilizing KANSEI information based on BEIs and products which understands KANSEI and by which mental welfare is nurtured up with increasing time during which the use is made; new commercialization of common infrastructure systems such as KANSEI information accumulation and transfer systems; and creation of new business such as communication and network services for transmitting and sharing KANSEI information. In specific terms, sights are set on social deployment of BEI technology through productization and commercialization, in various fields, of articles such as systems for manufacturing products supporting KANSEI, including automobiles and household electrical appliances utilizing KANSEI communication tools that use BEIs, medical care systems supporting KANSEI, and made-to-order KANSEI systems. These activities are intended to be carried out in cooperation with enterprises participating in the KANSEI Consortium such as Mazda Motor and Kobelco Construction Machinery, and with enterprises which are related to clothing, food, housing, education, and medical care, and which participate in the Consortium for Applied Neuroscience.


Activities regarding KANSEI in the Chugoku Region

In the Chugoku region, social deployment of BEIs is addressed in cooperation with the following various activity entities in addition to the above-mentioned KANSEI consortium:

  • Hiroshima Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Medicine (Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization, Hiroshima Prefectural Office, and Hiroshima University):

Biomedical engineering activities are promoted in KANSEI research etc. in which advantages are taken of regional features.

  • Council for the Promotion of Innovation with KANSEI (Hiroshima Prefectural Office):

Manufacturing aimed at the realization of a high profit structure based on differentiation of products utilizing a new value axis called “KANSEI” is promoted.


  • Association for Research on Texture and Color Sense in the Chugoku Region (Chugoku Industrial Innovation Center)

Sights are set on realizing commodities and services with high customer satisfaction from the perspective of texture and color sense in such a way that cooperation is made among industrial, governmental, and academic circles.

  • Support of the Center of KANSEI Innovation for Chugoku District Regional Strategies (Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Support is provided for research and development including technical development of KANSEI innovation.