Subjects of research and development


1. Technology for visualizing KANSEI information

With regard to KANSEI (emotions and perceptions), a technology will be developed whereby physiological responses such as functional MRI (fMRI) data, optical topography (NIRS) data, electroencephalograms (EEGs), expressions, pulses, and voices are measured simultaneously, with the result that human KANSEI is read as brain information, which can be “visualized” by anyone.


2. Technology for real-time sensing of KANSEI information

A technology will be developed whereby KANSEI information measuring equipment is miniaturized by making full use of optical techniques etc., with the result that measurement and information communication can be carried out on a wearable and real-time basis.


3. Technology for creating user models of KANSEI information

A technology will be developed whereby models of multidimensional data on KANSEI information are created from a human engineering perspective, with the result that these models are applied to manufacturing.


4. BEI (Brain Emotion Interface) technology

The above-mentioned technologies will be integrated, resulting in the development of a technology for devices and application software whereby via KANSEI information, inter-human connection is established, and human beings are connected to nonhuman objects.