The Center of KANSEI Innovation Open Symposium 2016 held at Satellite Campus Hiroshima.

“Nurturing Mental Wealth – Center of KANSEI Innovation Hiroshima Open Symposium 2016” was held on January 31, 2017 at Satellite Campus Hiroshima. We sincerely thank all participants for joining the symposium.

We reported at the symposium, following the last symposium in November in Tokyo, the efforts and outcome of our R & D activities and the current status of social implementation for “Phase 1” period, which is the first 3 years (2013 – 2015) of the COI program.







We received various feedbacks from participants expecting our further efforts and outcome as well as expectation on “how KANSEI information is utilized after successfully visualized”. We have renewed our determination to accelerate our research and development toward “future society of 10 years later” which we envisioned at the program kickoff.

As this symposium was held in Hiroshima where the central institution is located, many of opinions received were regarding the activities in Hiroshima area such as regional revitalization, human-resources development, involvement of small and medium-sized companies, and manufacturing started in Hiroshima. We are very thankful and would like to review these suggestions one by one.

The Center of KANSEI Innovation will continue to make an earnest effort in R&D for the social implementation. We would appreciate for your kind support.